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Tramadol is primarily used for treating moderate to severe pains and is similar to narcotic pain relievers. The extended release type of Tramadol is used to alleviate pain at all times and is not used on a need basis pain reliever. Tramadol has several other uses that are not listed and discussed in this medicinal guide. The brand name of Tramadol is Ultram.

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Tramadol Crucial Details

If you have consumed narcotics, sedatives, alcohol, or tranquilizers some hours before, it is important to not take Tramadol. Tramadol can result in slowing or sometimes stopping of breath, especially when you commence its use or if the dosage is modified. Users must never use Tramadol for a long period of time or in large dose.

The extended dose of Tramadol should never be crushed, opened, or broken and should be swallowed in full to avoid fatal results due to overdose. Some users suffer from convulsions or seizures due to Tramadol. They are more likely in individuals who have a history of head injury or seizures or suffer from some form of metabolic disorder. Tramadol can also trigger this symptom in users who take medicines such as vomiting and nausea pills, narcotics, muscle relaxants, or antidepressants.

Tramadol is known to be addictive even when used as per prescribed dosages, which is why it is crucial that users do not share it with another individual who does not have a prescription. Any kind of misuse of narcotic medicines can lead to overdose, addiction, and even demise, especially in young children and users taking Tramadol without prescription.

If you are expecting, it is vital to share this information with the doctor. This is because Tramadol can result in life-threatening addiction or dangerous withdrawal symptoms in new-born babies. Users must also never combine this drug with alcohol because it can have drastic outcomes with dangerous negative effects. Tramadol is only meant for oral use and inhaling or diluting it in powder form procured from crushed tablets is to be avoided under all circumstances. Users should also never inject Tramadol in liquid form into their bodies. Using Tramadol in any other form except oral consumption can result in overdose, severe side effects, and sometimes can also cause death.

Prior to Using Tramadol

Any person who is allergic to Tramadol should not use this pill. In addition if the patient shows any of the following symptoms, the consumption of the drug must be avoided.

breathing trouble or asthma
stomach and/or intestinal blockages
recent consumption of alcohol, tranquilizers, narcotic medicines, or sedatives
Some people have suffered from convulsions when they use Tramadol. Discussing with your physician before commencing the use of this drug if you have any of the following occurences is crucial.
seizure disorder, head injury, epilepsy
history of alcohol, drug, or other substance abuse/addiction
metabolic disorder
using any medicines to treat migraine, depression, vomiting, muscle spasms, or nausea
Users with any of the following disorders need to discuss with their physicians about the possible risks before commencing the use of Tramadol.
history of alcohol or drug addiction
stomach problem
mental illness or suicidal tendencies
kidney or liver disorder

Tramadol is likely to cause breathing trouble in older users or among those who are severely unwell, debilitated, or malnourished. Since this drug can be highly addictive, it is recommended only for those users having a valid prescription from an authorized medical practitioner. They must never share with another person who may be in pain, especially if he or she has a history of drug or alcohol addiction. You must store Tramadol away from the reach of others and sharing or selling this drug is illegal.

Tramadol is classified as Category C pregnancy drug and the effects or risks on an unborn child are still unknown. Tramadol can result in modified behavior, breathing disorders, life-threatening addiction, or severe withdrawal symptoms in new-born children if their mothers use it during their pregnancies. This is why you must immediately inform the doctor about your pregnancy. Moreover, Tramadol is passed into breast milk and nursing your child while using Tramadol is not advisable.

Users who are below 16 years should never use Tramadol without the advice of an experienced physician. Ultram ER you should never give this medicine to any patient who is younger than 18 years. Rybix ODT may comprise of phenylalanine and you must discuss with the doctor before commencing the use of this kind of Tramadol, especially if you have PKU (phenylketonuria).

The Right Way of Using Tramadol

Users should use Tramadol only as per prescription and adhere to all the directions provided on the label. Tramadol can slow down or sometimes stop the breathing rates in patients possibly when they start its use or if their doses are modified by the physician. You should never use more than the prescribed dose and if the pain is not alleviated even after its use, it is recommended you discuss the same with your doctor.

When you commence the use of Tramadol, you should discontinue all other narcotic pain killers you may be using. Tramadol can be taken with or without food; however, using it in the same way for every dose is important. Extended release capsule or tablets like Ultram ER, ConZip, or Ryzolt should not be crushed, opened, or broken. You should only swallow it to prevent fatal results due to a possible overdose. Moreover, users should not crush or break the pill to inhale the powder or blend it into any liquid form to inject it directly to the veins. This often results in death due to misuse and users are warned against the same.

Tramadol Dosage Information

Adult doses for pain: Mild to moderately severe ache not needing quick onset of analgesic effects with initial dose 25 milligrams every morning.

Titration dose: Increase by 25 milligrams as separate doses every three days until you reach 100 milligrams per day taken four times each day. This can be later increased by 50 milligrams if tolerable every three days to maximize at 200 milligrams per day used as four doses of 50 milligrams each.

Maintenance dose: Post titration, Tramadol can be administered as 50 to 100 milligrams as required to alleviate pain at four to six hour intervals but should not exceed 600 milligrams daily.
To manage moderate to severe chronic aches in adults needing round the clock treatment to alleviate the pain for a longer period of time, extended release tablet can be sought upon.

Initial dose: 100 milligrams once every day and titrated as required with 100 milligrams increments every five days to alleviate the ache and depending on your tolerance.

Maximum dose: Extended release pills should not exceed 300 milligrams each day
For patients having rapid onset of analgesic effects and for whom the risks of discontinuing the medicine are outweighed by the associated benefits, the recommended dosage is 50 to 100 milligrams to relieve pain every four to six hours with maximum of up to 400 milligrams.

Missed Dose or Overdose of Tramadol

As Tramadol is recommended to alleviate pain, missing a dose is highly unlikely. However, if you miss one, it is recommended to skip it if the time for the next scheduled dose is near. Users should never take additional tablets to cover up for missed dose. If you mistakenly take an overdose, you should immediately seek emergency medical advice or call the poison helpline on 1-800-222-1222. An overdose of Tramadol can be lethal, especially in young children or among users who use it without any prescription. Some symptoms that reflect overdose include slowing down of your breath, reduced heartbeats, fainting, extreme drowsiness, and clammy and cold skin.

Taking Orally Disintegrating Tablet (Rybix ODT)

Retain the pill in its blister pack until the time you are ready to use it. Using dry hands, remove the tablet from the pack and place it in your mouth. You should never swallow the entire tablet but allow it to melt within the mouth while being sure you do not chew onto the pill. If necessary, you can drink some liquid to help you swallow the disintegrated tablet.

When you use the extended release capsule, it is common for the shell to be removed from your body through bowel movements. This does not imply that your body is not receiving the necessary dose and you should be using Tramadol by crushing or opening the pill.

Users should never abruptly discontinue the use of Tramadol.

If you suffer from withdrawal symptoms, you need to discuss with your doctor without delay. Users should store these pills at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Individuals should be aware about how many tablets they use from every new bottle. Since Tramadol is addictive and can be abused, they need to know if anyone without prescription is using their pills to avoid unpleasant results.

Side effects of Tramadol

If you see any symptoms such as swelling on the lips, face, tongue, or throat, hives, and breathing difficulties, it is recommended you seek medical assistance immediately. Additional side effects can include:

convulsions or seizures
shallow or weak breathing
increased levels of serotonin causing fainting, agitation, loss of coordination, hallucinations, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, increased heart rate, nausea, and overactive reflexes
severe skin reactions, such as fever, burning eyes, skin pain accompanied by purple or red skin rash spreading on the face and upper part of the body causing peeling and blisters

Some of the more common side effects of this drug include:
sweating, itching, flushing (tingly, redness, or warm feeling)
dizziness, fatigue, headache, or drowsiness
anxiety or nervousness
stomach pain, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea

The above are some of the side effects of Tramadol. If you find other symptoms that are not listed here, you can either consult your doctor or report these to FDA on 1-800-FDA-1088.

Things to Avoid with Tramadol

Patients who have been prescribed Tramadol for pain relief should avoid consuming alcohol because of severe negative effects and sometimes even death can occur. Checking the medicines and food labels to ensure there is no alcoholic content is important while using Tramadol. This medication can cause impaired reactions and thinking capabilities. Individuals should not drive or use machines before they are able to determine if they suffer from any negative side effects because extreme drowsiness or dizziness can lead to falls or other accidental injuries.

Drugs Affecting Tramadol

Using Tramadol with other medicines can slow down your breathing rate or make you drowsy with dangerous side effects that could be fatal. You need to take the advice of your physician before combining Tramadol with seizure, depression, or anxiety pills, sleeping tablets, muscle relaxants, or narcotic pain relievers. Several drugs like OTC and prescription medicines can interact with Tramadol, so seeking the advice of your doctor before starting or stopping its consumption is advisable.

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