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Prostate Health

One of the most common concerns among men, especially those over 50, is the potential enlargement of the prostate gland. In fact the prostate gland is the most common area related to disorders of the male genitourinary system.  When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, it puts pressure on the urinary tract which in turn leads to urinary complaints. Another area of concern for men is inflammation of the prostate.  Usually the result of infection, inflammation can cause a myriad of complaints and lead to more serious prostate-related issues.

Both of these prostate issues may result in similar symptoms including urgent or frequent urination, difficulties with urination, erectile difficulties, and/or pain in the prostate area. The symptoms of prostate issues can range from mild to severe. However, only half of those affected with either condition will exhibit any of these symptoms. If you are, or think you might be experiencing any of the above symptoms, consult your physician for a diagnosis. Early detection for prostate conditions is crucial. Be sure to monitor your prostate health and get regular prostate screenings from your physician.